This the Telaire T6713 / T67XX a Carbon Dioxide CO2 sensor for indoor air quality, energy saving application, control of ventilation, environmental purpose, farming, and clinical instrumentation. The T67XX is already factory calibrated sensor than can measure the concentration level of CO2 up to 0 to 500 ppm range at accuracy of 400 to 5000  ppm +/- 30 ppm ± 3 % of data acquisition  and runs at 4.5v ~ 5.5vdc and support i2c communication, UART protocol. This device has integrated a Non Dispersive Infrared (NDIR), gold plated optics diffusion sampling with self-calibrated algorithm. For testing we will going to use a Arduino Nano Microcontroller. However the T67XX also tested in ESP32/ESP8266, STM32, AVR, and Modbus. For more readings please refer to the product datasheet below.

Telaire-T6713 Sensor

Required Components

  • Arduino IDE | Atmel Studio | Energia 
  • Microcontroller – Arduino, NodeMCU, Teensy Board, TeensyDuino, ESP8266 12, 12E, ESP32, LinkItOne, ESP8266 NodeMCU, ESPDuino, ATMEGA328 16/12, ATMEGA32u4 16/8/ MHz, ESP8266, MSP430 ,ATMEGA250 16 MHz, ATSAM3x8E, ATSAM21D, ATTINY85 16/8 MHz, Note: The Diagram below is using NANO. (please refer to each MCU’s respective pin-outs & bus configurations)
  • Telaire T67XX / T6713 CO2 Sensor Module
  • Resistors (See below required values)
  • Jumper Wire (Optional)
  • Prototyping Board (This is optional you can just hookup directly to the MCU)
  • PCB board (Circuit simulation to PCB Layout)

Wiring Guide

Telaire-T6713 Sensor

Source Code


Wiring the TELAIRE T6713 / T67XX a Carbon Dioxide CO2 sensor
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