This is the SDP (Sensirion Differential Sensor) a series of digital differential pressure sensors suitable for high volume applications. This sensor measure the pressure of air and non-aggressive gases with advance accuracy and no offset drift. This series of sensors cover a pressure range up to ±5,00 Pa (±2 inch H2O / ±5 mbar) and deliver outstanding accuracy and also the bottom end of the measuring range.

The SDP sensor features a digital i2c / TWI (two wire interface, which make it easy to connect directly to your microcontroller, or microprocessor. The outstanding performance of these sensors is based on patented Sensirion’s CMOSense sensor technology, which combines the sensor element signal processing and digital calibration on a small CMOS chip. The differential pressure is measured by thermal sensor element using flow-through technology. This device is suitable for used in Medical/Clinical Devices, HVAC (Heating Ventilating Air Conditioning), Smart Energy, Gas Boilers, Gas Ovens, Pellet Stoves, Thermostats, Filter Monitor, Clean Room, Fume Hoods, Fuel Cells, VAC Control, Building Automations, Industrial and Automotive. For further readings please refer to the datasheet below.

Required Components


  • Arduino IDE | Atmel Studio | STM32CubeMX | Energia 
  • Microcontroller – Arduino, NodeMCU, Teensy Board, TeensyDuino, ESP8266 12, 12E, ESP32, LinkItOne, ESP8266 NodeMCU, ESPDuino, ATMEGA328 16/12, ATMEGA32u4 16/8/ MHz, ESP8266, MSP430 ,ATMEGA250 16 MHz, ATSAM3x8E, ATSAM21D, ATTINY85 16/8 MHz, STM32 Nucleo, Discovery kits and Evaluation boards Note: The Diagram below is using NANO. (please refer to each MCU’s respective pin-outs & bus configurations)
  • Sensirion Differential Sensor
  • Capacitors (See below required values)
  • Resistors (See below required values)
  • Jumper Wire (Optional)
  • Prototyping Board (Optional)

Wiring Guide

Source Code for Continuous Reading

Source Code for Interrupt

Source Code for Triggered Reading


Wiring Sensirion i2C Air Flow Digital Differential Pressure Sensor
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