In this illustration we will going to wire the NEC IR 38K Infrared Remote Control, The NEC IR 38K is an universal infrared control, encoding format mainly for cars, home appliances, lighting design equipment, digital photo frame, and other device that used Infrared remote control, this IR is based on non-line remote control and easy to use for any microcontroller projects.

The infrared remote control module has a distance of more than 8 meters, and it has a lunch tube infrared wavelength of 940Nm crystal frequency of 455KHz, carrier frequency 38KHz, Power CR2025/1600 mAH.

Note: IR remote control has a set of components one is the transmitter and the receiver and it has to decode the code and will display the HEX code.

Download the code library below and see all the example code driving the infrared module board.


Required Components

  • Arduino Board
  • IR Remote Control Receiver Module
  • Jumper / DuPont Wire
  • Solder less bread board

Wiring Guide


Arduino Sketch

Download the Arduino Code Library here | Zip

Wiring the Infrared Receiver for Universal Remote Control
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