IOT-The-Internet-of-thingsObject/Thing? and the internet of things. can be a human with digital hearth monitor that inserted to his hearth, a farm and animal with a biological chip transponder(Biochip Transponder, a car that has a integrated with a sensors to notify the driver when tire pressure is low? or any other natures or man-made things that can be assigned an IP Address(Internet of Things) and provided with ability to transmit a data/bit over the digital network. So far, the IOT(Internet Of Things) has been most closely associated with a M2M(Machine to Machine) communication in manufacturing and power, oil and gas utilities. A products that M2M communication capabilities are often referred to as being SMART, Examples are…

  • Smart Label
  • Smart Meter
  • Smart Bio Sensors
  • Smart Environmental Sensor

The IP version 6 has a huge increase in address space an important factor in the development of the IOT(Internet of Things) the address space expansion means that we could assign an IPv6 address to every atom on the surface on the earth, and still have enough address left to do another 100 plus Earth in other words, humans could easily assign an IP Address to every things on the planet Earth. An increase in the number of smart NODE as well as the amount of upstream data the NODE generate, expected to raise new concerns about the data privacy, security and data sovereignty.

Although this concept was named until 1999, IOT(The Internet of Things has been in development for decades. The fist IOT(Internet of Thing), was a Coke Machine at Carnegie Melon University in the early 1980. The programmer could connect to the machine over the internet to check the status of the machine and determined whether or not there would be a cold drink awaiting them, so that they can decide to make the trip down to the machine.

Today human are dependent on the computer to which is connected to the internet, Nearly all of the roughly 50Petabyes or 1,024 Terabytes of day available on the internet where first capture and created by the human beings by typing, pressing a record button, taking pictures and scanning a barcode.

The problem is, humans have limited time, attention and accuracy and they are not very good at capturing data about things in the real world. If we had computer that knew everything there was to know about things using data they captured without any help from the humans we would be able to track and count everything and greatly reduce waste, loss and cost. Human would know when things needed to replace, repairing or recalling and whether they were fresh or past their best.


What is IOT- Internet of Things and How It Works and Effects to Humans


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