In this tutorial we will going to wire the HC11 / HC12 UART module a new generation multi-channel embedded wireless transmission module. This module is works on 433 ~ 473 MHz frequency band, you can also set this module works on multiple channel with the stepping of 400 KHz and there are 100 channel can be used. Using the HC11-12 it easy to utilize and customize the wireless data transmission by providing a UART data. It is flexible to set the UART Baud Rate, Frequency, Output Power, Data Rate, Frequency Deviation and Receiving Bandwidth parameters.

The HC11 wireless communication frequency band is 434MHz in a high transparent FSK transceiver, high output power, high sensitivity and compare to Bluetooth HC05/HC06 it reach to 150~300 Meter on Open Space.

The HC12 maximum transmitting power is 100mW 20dBm, the receiving sensitivity is -117dBm at baud rate 5000bps in the air, communication distance up to 1000m on open space.

Schematics Diagram


Wiring Diagram

As you can see the diagram below its uses two module Note: HC11 does not work with HC12 if you want to build a communication between HC11 & HC12.


AT Command Instructions


Download HC11 Documentations |PDF
Download HC12 Documentations |PDF
Download HCXX AT-Command-Instruction Set | PDF

Wiring the HC11 & HC12 434/433MHz Transceiver
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    It won’t work – you forgot about SET pin. It needs to be grounded to sent AT commands.


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