The Teensy CORTEX & AVR Development board is a complete USB base microcontroller development system. It uses a standard Mini-B USB, the Teennsy has a solder pads for all IO signals it is also available with the header pins to plug directly into a solder-less breadboard or you can make a custom shield for your Teensy. Teensy development board is compatible with your Arduino IDE & Code libraries and it has single push-button programming for easy to use loader application. The Teensy is an open-source hardware that works on most common and popular operating system like Mac OS X, Linux and Windows. See below the available version of Teensy.

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Key Features:

Compatible with Arduino Software & Libraries
USB can be any type of device
Single push-button programming
Easy to use Teensy Loader application
Free software development toolsD
Works with Mac OS X, Linux & Windows
Tiny size, perfect for many projects
Available with pins for solderless breadboard

The Teensy Board versions and features


Teensy Installation in Arduino IDE with Windows Operating System



Teensy Development Board Installation with Teensyduino
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