With thoughts to miniaturization, the NDIR (Nondispersive Infrared Sensor) technology seems to reach a limit for CO2 sensors, as the sensor sensitivity is directly equivalent to the optical beam path length and thus the sensor size. The Sensirion is always aiming at disrupting sensor markets by making components more price-effective without compromising performance. For CO2 sensing, identified as the photoacoustic technology as the most promising approach: In addition to decreasing the size and the cost of CO2 sensors, this technology allows for SMT (Surface Mounted Technology) assembly to replace arduous through-hole soldering. These three factors combined have the potential to open up new CO2 sensing markets.

The SCD30 with CMOSens® Technology integrates IR detection allows carbon dioxide analyses for the highest accuracy at a rival price. Together with the NDIR measurement technology for detecting CO 2 including the best-in-class Sensirion humidity and temperature sensor integrated on the module.

Ambient humidity and temperature can be measured by Sensirion’s algorithm expertise through modeling and compensating external heat sources without the need for any additional internal or external components. The SCD30 is small module height allows easy integration into different applications such as home, lab, containers that require CO2 readings, health care facilities, IOT Devices, Ventilations, and Supistacated container box that requires monitoring of temperature, humidity, and air quality.

As you can see in the diagram below we have two diagrams the first diagram is using a TTGO module with an integrated OLED display and the second diagram is using an external OLED screen display, Just keep in mind the voltage reference of the display module some manufacturer is using 3.3v and other 5v. if your display module is using 3.3v just use the pin 3.3v otherwise if your display module is supporting 5v then hook it into the 5v pin.

Wiring Guide Diagram

Wiring with TTGO – Integrated OLED Display

Wiring with an external display

Source Code Test Code

Test Code with TTGO TFT Display


Wiring SENSERION SCD30 CO2 Sensor in ESP32 TFT Display
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