The 2N700 is a N-Channel Enhance-Mode MOSFET used for low power switching applications. The 2N700 is widely available and popular part, often recomended as useful and common components. along with such other popular discrete semiconductors as the 1N4148 and 1N4001 Series diodes, the 2N222, 2N3904, and 2N3906 Bipolar Junction Transistors and the IRF510 power MOSFET, 2N7000 has a good P-Channel Analog. The 2N7000 is a absolutely ideal for hackers parts referred to as FETlington reference to the Darlington-Transistor. A typical use of these transistor is a switching for moderate voltages and currents, including driving a small lamps, motors and relays. In switching circuits these FET can be used much like a bipolar junction transistors, but have some advantages.

List of Advantages.

  • Low threshold voltage, there are no gate bias required.
  • High Input impedance of the insulated gate means almost no gate current are required.
  • Consequently no current-limiting resistor is required in the gate input.

List of Disadvantages

  • Susceptibility to cumulative damage form static discharge.
  • Circuit with external gate exposure requires a protection gate resistor or other discharge protection.
  • Non-Zero Ohmic response when driven to saturation as compared to a constant junction voltage discharge protection.

Required Components

1x 2N7000 N–Channel MOSFET Transistor
1x 4.7K Ohms
2x 10K Ohms

Wiring the components


Download the 2N7000 Datasheet Here | Pdf

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