The SIMATIC IOT 2000 / 2020 / 2040 family is an open platform for collecting, processing and moving data in the production atmosphere. Ideally suitable as data network gateway between the Intranet, cloud or IT level and productions. This device open system support numerous communication protocols and programming both high level programming language and low level programming language to enables customized solutions. The SIMATIC IOT family are well supported on Linux (YOKTO) and flexible communication solutions on popular industrial protocol such as MODBUS, RTU, OPC UA, FROFINET, REST, MQTT, and AMQP.  These device also supports most Arduino codes that can be uploaded directly from the IDE other programs can be also compiled and run under YOCTO Linux on used controller X1000 SOC (X86) other hardware devices such as PLC, sensors using Ethernet can be integrated via (ETH) Ethernet or Serial via USB adapter using many available protocol as we mentioned above. There are many programming languages support on SIMATIC IOT such as Java, C/C++, Python via range of IDE includes Eclipse and the compilers for YOKTO Linux. These device also expandable via on board mPCI port. Node-RED, MQTT and SQLITE can also be used to connect and control local and remote peripheral devices. Below are the steps how we going to integrate Arduino IDE to communicate and program with SIMATIC IOT 2000 / 2020 / 2040.

Siemens Simatic IOT2040


Siemens SIMATIC IOT2000 | IOT2020 | IOT2040 Pinout

IOT2000 IOT2020 IOT2040

Arduino IDE Integration Guide

Steps how to make a build a boot Siemens Operating System

Operating System

Steps how to install Intel Galileo Driver for the SIMATIC IOT2020 | IOT2040 | IOT2000

IOT2020 IOT2040 Driver

Steps how to integrate Arduino IDE to Simatic IOT2020 | IOT2040 | IOT2000


IOT2020 IOT2040

Just upload blink sketch test code and attach an LED to pin 13/GND to test the device. if it is not responding try to reboot the device.


Siemens IOT2000 / IOT2020 / IOT2040 Arduino IDE Integration
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