This is the Power Management Development Tools BQ76PL455EVMS a passive balancing device from Texas Instruments driven by BQ76PL4554-Q1 (please refer to the datasheet specification). This device provides monitoring and balancing up to 1 6 series connected lithium-ion battery cells operates on stack voltages from 16v minimum to 79.2v maximum. In addition to 16 battery measurement channels, 8 additional analog channels are provided as additional options, configure the digital channels to generate faults when the level variations state; either HIGH or LOW. The passive cell balancing current is set to the onboard resistors to 56mA for a cell at 4.2v.  For battery series with more than 16 cells, stack up to 6 BQ76PL455EVMS, in parallel to support up to 96 lithium-ion battery cells changing communication with stacked BQ76PL455EVMS via an isolated daisy chain differential bus capable of 500v. A multiple bq76pl455EVMS can be wake up from power off using a wake command via from the graphical user interface. System faults are monitored and mark in the GUI by simulated LED fault status indicators.

For controlling a single BQ76PL455EVMS or Multiple BQ76PL455EVMS using a PC hosted Graphical User Interface or HMI. This device communicate via FTDI USB to TTL 5v Serial Interface Cable and all other BQ76PL455EVMS which is connected via daisy chain differential communication bus. The software allows you to configure the BQ76PL455EVMS to monitor the connected battery cells and other analog data channels, control balancing and monitors any battery cell faults.


The BQ76PL4554-Q1 chip is highly accurate, reliable battery management capable managing and monitoring passive and balancing 16 lithium-ion battery cell, it has 14-bit Analog to Digital Converter, Voltage Reference, High-voltage Analog Front End, UART, LDO voltage regulator, and control logic for monitoring, balancing communication function.

Battery Cell Monitoring System


The BQ76PL455EVMS Development Board has 16 Channel precision voltage cell monitoring and passive balancing, 8 channel temperature and auxiliary signal monitoring, 6 channel digital monitoring w/d optional fault monitor, isolated serial communications, can manage up to 96 Battery Cells. The BQ76PL455EVMS can be use as battery safety monitor, energy storage system, power management system, etc. For further detail please refer to the datasheet.

BQ76PL455EVMS Passive balancing evaluation PC GUI



Required Driver > TTL-232R-5V from FTDI
Download > Passive Balancing Evaluation PC GUI

Running & Boot-up Test for BQ76PL455EVM

Install the PC GUI to your PC then configure the bq76PL455EVM DIP switches (see the datasheet), connect the bq76PL455EVM to the battery stack and PC, run the PC GUI and configure the bq76PL455A-Q1 registers, start polling the balancing monitor status.  stop the polling and balancing then exit.

For further reading please refer to the Documentations | Product Manual

BQ76PL455EVMS Battery management system / Precise Voltage Cell Monitoring
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