Wiring-Pi-GPIO-DiagramWiringPi is an Arduino wire like library written in C, In Arduino wiring is the core input and output for the Arduino, and wiring is already part of the Arduino IDE software.

The Raspberry Pi has a 26 pin GPIO (General Purpose Input/Output) connector and this carries a set of signals and buses. The are 8 GPIO pins these and these ports can be programmed as either input or output, one of this pins can be assigned for PWM (Pulse with Modulation in addition there is a I2C( 2 Wire)  interface and 4 wire SPI(Serial Peripheral  Interface) with a second select line, making it five pins total, the serial UART(Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter) with a further 2 pins.
The RPI Revision 2 has an additional 4 GPIO (General Purpose Input/Output) lines on a different connector which we need to solder onto the board.

The I2c(2 Wire Interface) and SPI(Serial Peripheral  Interface) can be also used as GPIO pins when not being used  in the BUS modes, and UART pins can also be used if you boot with serial console disable giving a total of  17 Input Output pins
WiringPi includes a console command utility GPIO which can be used to program and setup the GPIO pines, you can also use this to read and write the pins and even use it to control there from SHELL SCRIPT. The WiringPi is now on GIT for ease of change and version tracking, however there is a another step to use GIT for some reason maybe your firewall is block your communication  you need to check for that.

If you don’t have GIT installed in your machine it is already under the Debian OS release (Raspbian) you just type it in the console.

If error appears  on screen, make sure your Raspbian OS is up to date by typing. check also your system date and time.

To download WiringPi using GIT here is the steps below.

If you have used the disk close operation for the first time, then type the command below.

It will fetch an updated version online then you now re-run the build script below.

The new build script will compile and install automatically for you.

Just download the source WiringPi Files and Sample Code below

Downloading WiringPi

The  files WiriPi-5EDD-GORDN,  downloaded from Gordons Projects and it has an excellent source, made for starters. Credits for him. here is the steps below how to unzip and install the WiringPi Library in easy steps.

 Remember the actual file name will be different.

To test the WiringPi installation you need to run the GPIO command to check the installation  by

Download the Raspberry Pi GPIO Pins Here | Download
Download the WiringPI Here | GZ

Setup and Configure C Library with WiringPi on RPI
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