The OVC3860 is a low power single chip Bluetooth RF transceiver baseband processor for Bluetooth stereo solutions. The OVC3860 is a 2.4GHz RF transceiver, Bluetooth v2 + EDR (Enhanced Data Rate) baseband, can transfer high quality 20bit stereo audio CODEC and a complete on-chip power management unit including switch regulator can support a Lithium Ion, Polymer Batteries and LQ linear regulators.

The OVC3860 has a configurable Bluetooth stack integrated with profiles and applications including A2DP v1.2 AVRCP v1.3, HSP v1.2 and HPF v1.5 integrated with an on-chip SBC decoder, these device is fully compliant with the Bluetooth 2.0+EDR specification that produce a quality Bluetooth Stereo Audio and Voice Communication function.


Required Components

  • Microcontroller is Optional
  • Bluetooth XS-3868 Module
  • 100n Capacitor
  • 220uf Capacitor
  • 47uf Capacitor
  • 100k Resistor
  • Tactile Push Button Switch
  • Resistor
  • LED (3mm)
  • Stereo Jack Male / Female
  • Microphone (Optional)
  • Sound Amplifier
  • Speaker / Headset

Wiring Diagram



  • Download 0V3860 Datasheet | PDF
  • Download OV3860 AT Command Set | PDF
Wiring the XS3868 / OVC3860 Stereo Bluetooth 2.0 +EDR Module Board
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    Hello. I have a module xs-3868 The microphone of this module does not work, meaning the receiver’s voice, such as a mobile phone, is not transmitted. What is the solution to this problem? Thankful


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