This is the SCD4X produced and developed by SENSIRION, a next-generation of a Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Sensor . This sensor is based on photoacoustic NDIR ( Nondispersive Infrared ) sensing principle that offers high accuracy. In other words, this sensor works by an infrared (IR) lamp directing waves of light through a tube filled with a small amount of air. CO2 is a main chemical compound indicator for indoor air quality will be calculated. For instance, if the CO2 is high levels it will compromise mental performance and well-being.

This sensor enables a smart VAC system or ventilation system to regulate airflow in the most efficient way and can help maintain low CO2 concentrations indoors for a healthy productive atmosphere. The SCD4X high accuracy includes an integrated humidity and temperature sensor, it is in one sense for your indoor environment sensing. for more technical reading and specs please refer to the datasheet below.

Testing Requirements

  • Arduino IDE | PlatformIO
  • Test Boards :
    • Note: The Diagram below is using  Arduino NANO Microcontroller  (please refer to your  MCU’s respective pin-outs & bus configuration)
  • Resistors (See below diagram for required value)
  • Capacitor(See below diagram for required value)

Wiring Diagram & Schematics

Source Code

PCB Board Milling / Gerber File


  • Download Senserion SCD4X Datasheet | PDF
  • Download Senserion SCD4X Arduino Code Library | ZIP
Wiring the Senserion SCD4X Photoacoustic (PA) Carbon Dioxide Sensor
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