This is the ML8511 Ultra Violate Light Sensor, which is suitable for acquiring UV intensity indoor or outdoor. The ML8511 equipped with internal amplifier which converts photo-current to voltage depending on UV intensity, and offers you an easy interface to external circuits.


Smart Phone, Watch, Weather Station, Navigation, Gaming, UV Radiation-Quantity Monitoring, Skin Care, Aging, Sterilization and Washing.
The ML8511 detects 280~390nm light most effectively and categorized as part of the UVB Burning Rays Spectrum and UVA Tanning Rays Spectrum.


  • Photodiode sensitive to UVA and UVB
  • Embedded Operational Amplifier
  • Analog Voltage Output
  • Low Supply Current (300uA typ.) and low standby current (0.1uA typ.)
  • Small and thin surface mount package (4.0mm x 3.5mm x 0.73mm)

Required Components

  • Arduino Microcontrollers, Teensy (Teensyduino Integrated), ESP8266 (ESP8266 Arduino IDE Integrated), DigiSpark, STM32, AVR
  • ML8511 Breakout Board / ML8511 SMP Chip (See the Schematics Diagram & Refer to ML511 Datasheet)
  • Jumper Wire / DuPont Wire
  • Solder-less Breadboard
  • LCD Display (Optional)

Wiring Diagram

Source Code


Download ML8511 Datasheet | PDF

Wiring the ML8511 Ultra Violet Light Sensor on Microcontroller
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One thought on “Wiring the ML8511 Ultra Violet Light Sensor on Microcontroller

  • at

    Hi, when I add this code to arduino, the following will be shown on the serial monitor:

    ets Jan 8 2013,rst cause:4, boot mode:(3,6)

    wdt reset
    load 0x4010f000, len 3584, room 16
    tail 0
    chksum 0xb0
    csum 0xb0


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