In this illustration we will going to wire and test using AT COMMAND on the ESP8266 with Arduino TTL UART to do this steps we need to remove the ATMEGA328 chip to accurately test the ESP8266 module. The AT Command can be used to setup the ESP8266 as a web server, client and connecting to the Wi-Fi.

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Required Components

Arduino UNO R3 on ATMEGA328
ESP8266 v1 Transceiver Module
Solderless Bread Board
Jumper Wires / DuPont Wires

Wiring to Arduino on 3.3v


Wiring to Arduino 5v with Logic Converter


Open you the Arduino IDE > Tools > Board > Arduino UNO >  and start the Serial Monitor change the Baud Rate > Both NL & CR | 9600 baudtype | then type following AT Commands Below


AT COMMAND instructions Viewing the ESP8266 Settings

AT (Commnd) AT command to the communication between the serial interface.
AT+RST (Restart the device) AT-RST command is to reset or restart the module.
AT+GMR (Show firmware version) AT+GMR command is to check the firware version the ESP8266 module.
AT+CWMODE=? (Query the device setting) The AT+CWMODE=? is to check the status of the device.
AT+CWMODE=1 (Query the device status) The AT+CWMODE=1 is to actiave or enable as a client or station.
AT+CWLAP (Show list of access Point) – The AT+CWLAP is to view the list of Wifi access point.

AT COMMAND for Setting Up the ESP8266

AT+CWJAP=”14CORE.COM”,”fourtencorepass” (Connecting to wifi network) The AT+CWJAP it to join to the available WiFi access point.
AT+CIPMUX = 1 (To setup as a multi point mode)
AT+CIPSERVER=1 (To setup as a web server)
AT+CIFSR (To view the ESP8266 Ip Address)
AT+CIPCLOSE=0 (Closing all the sockets)

Download the AT-COMMAND Table of Instructions | Pdf

Wiring and Configure the ESP8266 using AT Command on Arduino

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