In this tutorial we will going to wire the 8 channel Relay Module driven by our own very owned microcontroller, the below illustration illustrate 8 device on external power source triggered by the relay. The 8 channel relay module has its own optocoupler also called opto-isolator, photocoupler or optical isolator. Optocoupler is a component that transfers electrical signals between two state of isolation circuits by using light, and prevent high voltage from affecting the system receiving the signal.


This 8 Channel Relay module can adopt most common range of microcontrollers, such as Arduino, Raspberry Pi, AVR, PIC, ARM with digital outputs to control larger loads devices like AC or DC Motors, Electromagnets, Soleniod, Incandescent light bulbs, Actuators and any another devices that you want to drive with in the relay. This relay can handle 7A / 240 VAC, 10A / 125VAC, 10A / 28DV.

Required Components

  • 8 Channel Relay Module with Optocoupler Isolator
  • Devices , you can use any device or appliance as your output.

Wiring Diagram


Arduino Sketch


Wiring 8 Channel Optocoupler Relay Module
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