This is the SMD RGB LED Common Cathode Module, These module has 3 separate LEDs the Red, Green and Blue which can be individually driven by applying a voltage to the appropriate module pin this example code is uses the Arduino analogWrite(PWM) function to cycle through the full possible output colors this smd led module is capable of producing a rainbow color scheme.

NOTE: This module does not include current limiting resistor and therefore you should not connect this module directly to the Arduino DIO pins. This allows the module to be used with a range of supply voltages but you must drive the LED via an appropriate current limiting resistor otherwise it will be unusable.

Required Components


SMD RGB LED Module Board / Common 5mm or 3mm RGB Led)
3x Resistors
1x Solder Less Bread Board
Jumper Wires

Wiring Diagram


Arduino Sketch Code


Wiring 3 Color RGB SMD Common Cathode LED
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