stm-discovery-fast-hardware-development-platformThe STM32429, code name Discovery helps hardware developers to make interactive applications easily, it has everything required for beginners to experience users, it has high performance microcontroller STM32 F4 series from STMicroelectronics base of the STM32F429ZIT6 it has ST-LINK version 2 embedded debug tools and 2.4 QVGA TFT LCD Screen with external SDRM of 64Mbits a gyroscope ST MEMs, USB OTG, Micro-AB Connector, LEDs, and Pushbuttons.

STM32429 Discovery has a large number of free to use, preloaded firmware examples ready to run application such as clock, calendar, games, video player, image browser, performance monitoring, and system information, support only windows operating systems.

The STM32429 IDE

The IAR Embedded Workbench that gives you an uninterrupted workflow single toolbox with the components and thousands of source code examples, it uses C/C++ compiler to generate the fastest performing compact code.IAR IDE its use C-SPY debugger to provides an instruction simulator as well as extensive support for debugging probes and target system.

Download the evaluation here
Official website of the IAR IDE


 Sample Code


What is STM32F429 Discovery?

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