The Raspberry Pi Models and Version & the Difference.

Lots of Makes, developers, hobbyist and engineers these days questioning what is the difference between Arduino & Raspberry. Even though both are made for solving difference problems.

Raspberry Pi is a Credit Card Sized Computer, and it has different different kinds of models below are the following models;

Raspberry Pi Model A

Has 256 MB RAM and 700 Mhz Micro Processor, it can run a LINUX Based Operating System and it has a hardware support for SPI, I2C and Serial, This model is typically bought for embedded projects: because it’s missing a few ports and the Ethernet chip, the Raspberry Model A is lighter and consumes less power than a Model A/B/B+.

Raspberry Pi Model A +

Raspberry Pi A Raspberry Pi A+ has different hardware settings and has ARM 700 Mhz CPU 256 MB RAM, One USB 2.0 Port, HDMI and Mini Composite Jack, Uses Micro SD and 40 GPIO Pins ( Backward Compatible for Raspberry Pi Model B Board), No Ethernet Socket, it can run a LINUX Based Operating System perfect of Hardware prototyping projects.

Raspberry Pi 1 Model B

Compare to Raspberry Pi 1 A+, it has 2 USB ports 26 GPIO(General Ports for Input Output) pins and it has a 512 MB RAM, 100mb Ethernet Port.

Raspberry Pi 1 B +

Compare to Raspberry Pi B, it has upgraded hardware component onboard, with 2 USB Port, Running Broadcom BCM2835 700Mhz ARM116JZFS Processor with FPU and VideoCore 4 GPU provide OPEN GL ES 2.0 Hardware Accelerated Open VG and 1080ps30 High Profile decode, 512MB RAM, 10/100 Mbps Wired Ethernet, Built-in HDMI output and RCA Video Output, Support Linux distros such as Raspbian, Fedora, Ubunto, Debian and Arc.

Raspberry Pi 2 B+

Here is the latest, Compare to Raspberry Pi 2 it has 6 x more faster than Raspberry Pi 1 B+, it has features a new generation ARMv7 Quad Core Processor, 1 GB RAM vs 512 MB RAM it has doubled compare to Pi 1 B+ means you can run more application simultaneously without compromising processing clock speed.

Raspberry Pi 2 B it has same dimension and fit as with Raspberry pi model B+ it means all you previous accessories will be compatible, except your cover case and it has backward compatible with most Raspberry Pi Model B plus projects.

Raspberry Pi ZERO

Raspberry Pi ZERO has unbelievably super small and low cost computer that uses BCM2835 SOC at 1GHz, 512 RAM, support Micro SD, Micro USB B for data & Power, 40PINS GPIO, dimension of 65mm X 30mm x 5mm dimension and it uses mini HDMI as the display output.

Raspberry Pi 3 B

Raspberry Pi III has a performance wise, shows an excellent jump in performance last version of Raspberry Pi II. Raspberry Pi III has BCM2837 Quad-Core 1.2GHz a 64Bit ARM8 A Cortex A53 up from Quad Core 900 MHz ARMv7 in Raspberry Pi 2. and support Bluetooth Technology. Compare to Raspberry Pi 2 Should jump of about 33% in performance. Video and 3D performance has also seen with the Video Core being clocked at 400MHz for video processing up from 250MHz and 3D Graphics processor running at 300MHz up from 250MHz.



The Raspberry Pi Models and How to Address them


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