RGB(RED/GREEN/BLUE) LEDs Look just like a normal LED, however, inside of this LED has a 3 in 1 package, nside of the this LED it has Red, Green and Blue. This LED can be control using PWM(Pulse with Modulation) to be able to adjust the color brightness or mixing and other colors you want. It like your doing a painting on a canvas that you need to mix a color to suit your requirements. The Arduino has a function code that you can used to express this color mixing they called it analogWrite function.



Mixing Colors


You can mix any color as you like by varying the quantities of red, green and blue light. if you set the brightness of all the 3 LED’s into high the output will be white color. If you turn off the blue LED the output will be Yellow. you can control the brightness of each LED separately so that you can mix what possible mix of color you like. if you going to choice black color your going to switch off all the 3 colors.

Required Electronic Parts

1x Arduino
3x 270 / 220 Ohms Resistor
Jumper Wires

Wiring the RGB LED



  • RGB Diffused Light 5mm Datasheet | PDF
Starter #17 Using RGB LED on Arduino
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