SSH(Secure Shell) is mostly used many system administrators to control or remotely work with the servers across the world. for example a VPS (Virtual Private Server running a website or web application), they need a remote connection because they don’t have a physical access to the device a user has a remote connection using SSH either via terminal, or using a web interface provided by host or a web hosting.

SSH Secure Shell

SSH Connection are highly encrypted and secure connection both from the user and the server, unlike VNC(Virtual Network Computing) which should not be used over the internet. VNC sends its information via unencrypted connection any VNC ports that are open can be seen by malicious parties. There is some online resources that list websites offer an open VNC ports and enable you to connect the same like Chat Roulette. However, tunneling a VNC connection via SSH, gives you a level of security. There are SSH applications for Operating System on LINUX it come along with the OS, and the VNC applications are usually comes with pre-installed in Ubuntu and the Linux Mint in the form of Vinagre.


SSH (Secure Shell) vs VNC (Virtual Network Computing) how it works?
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