This is the Freedom Development Platform from NXP Semiconductors, This has a set of software and hardware tools for evaluation and development. It is ideal for rapid prototyping of Microcontroller based applications and projects. The K28 board – FRDMK28F has integrated driven by Kinetis K series Microcontroller built on ARM Cortex – M4 core which features a floating-point Unit FPU. FRDM-K28F can be used to assess the K27 and K28 Kenetis K Series Microcontroller.

The FRDMK28F board has MK28FN2M0VMI15 Microcontroller which it has a maximum frequency of 150MHz, 2MB Flash, 1 MB Ram, a high and full speed USB controller with crystal-less operation, SDRAM, Secure Host, QuadSPI Controller and analog , digital peripherals. The FRDMK28F is from-factor compatible with Arduino-R3 Pin layout providing a broad range of expansion board options and it has on-board interface 6 axis digital accelerometer, magnetometer, RGB LED, FlexIO Socket, SD Card Socket, Mobile SDRAM Memory, and external serial flash memory. This device is enable for  OpenSDA v2.2 open source hardware embedded serial and debug adapter runs an open-source bootloader. The circuit provides several options for serial communication on flash programming and run control debugging.

The OpenSDA v2.2 is an mbed HDK debug interface preload with open source DAPLink interface firmware for fast prototyping and product development. This device mainly driven by Kinetis K2X MCU with an integrated USB controller. On the software side it implements a bootloader which provide a quick and easy way to load OpenSDA applications such as flash programmers, run-control debug interface, serial USB converters, and others.

MCUXpresso Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

Out of the Box Setup Guide


NXP Kinetis® FRDM-K28F MK28FN2M0VMI15 MCU Development Board
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