IMG_20150622_164449The bi-directional logic level converter is very easy to use, this board needs to be powered from two voltage source (HIGH and LOW), the high voltage let say 5v to the HV(High Voltage) pin and the LOW voltage will be in 3.3v to LV(Low Voltage) and the ground will be in GND pin on your board. This device will separates the logic level 3.3v and 5v in the same channel, this module also will work with 2.8v and 1.8v devices.


This module has a 4-Channel 5v / 3.3v logic conversion that converts the 5v communication to 3v bidirectional a bridge of communication between 3v logic and 5v logic device, and it has four MOSFET to stabilize four channel, Stabilize the UART, IIC, SPI and two way transformation

Schematics Diagram


This module works well in Arduino that communicate with your sensor via I2C protocol very helpful to stabilize the communication between your sensor and the MCU.

Download the datasheet here | BSS138 N-CHannel
Download the eagle file here | Eagle File


How to use Bi-Directional Bus / Logic Converter or bridge power communication
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