Starter #9 Light Detection with (LDR) Light-Dependent Resistor with Arduino

Detecting a light or making a switch using Photoresistor interface with Arduino. Electronic Components Required Arduino UNO/MEGA/PRO 1x LED 1x 220k Ohm Resistor 1x 10k Resistor 1x LDR(Photo resistor)  

Download the source code here | 14Core Light Detection

Starter #8 Using Analog in Arduino with Potentiometer

Working on Potentiometer in Arduino inalog. Electronic Part Requirements. Arduino UNO/MEGA/PRO/ 1x 10k Potentiometer

Download the source code here | 14coreanalog  

Starter #7 How to use Tilt Switch in Arduino with Sample Source Code

How to use the TILT switch using Arduino.  

Download the source code here | 14Core_Tilt_Switch  

Starter #6 Using Buzzer in Arduino Sample Code

Sample Source code how to use a buzzer connected to Arduino, Electronic Parts you need 1x Arduino Uno / Mega / Pro 1x Buzzer or Beeper

Download the core here | 14CoreBuzzer    

Starter #5 Running LED With Arduino

Running LED(light emitting diode) with Arduino on loop function driving the LED. below are the wiring instructions. Electronic Parts Requirements Jumper Wires 6x LED(light emitting diode) 6x 220k ohm (Resistor)

Download the source code here > 14Core_Runing_light