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This the FLIR Thermal camera breakout module can easily integrate to your SBC Single Board computer kit / BSP boards or Microcontroller evaluation boards that driven by ARM, STM, TI, NXP, ATMEL, etc. This device can be used in thermal imaging, motion detection, night vision, heat mapping, and gesture recognitions. The FLIR lepton is most compact long-wave infrared (LWIR) sensor, packs with excellent pixel resolution with a breakthrough lens fabricated in wafer form, together with a micro bolometer focal plane array (FPA) and thermal imaging processing. There are two model which you can start on this module one is the FLIR Lepton IO Module Version 1.2 without micro USB and the FLIR Lepton IO v1.3 has  on-board micro USB that runs automatically on PC even without a central controller/microcontroller but requires TTL UART USB. For more technical details please refer to the datasheet.


  • Raspberry Pi, NanoPi, Beaglebone, Thinker Board, Snapdragon Board, Lemon Pi, LattePanda, Banana Pi, Orange Pi. (please refer to each SBC’s respective pin-outs)
  • Microcontroller –Arduino DUE, ESP32, LinkItOne (Note: Some Arduino hardware does not have enough memory to buffer the thermal image at 80602/9600 bytes)
  • FLIR Lepton IO Module v1.2 / FLIR Lepton Module v1.3 Pro
  • 3.3V TTL UART to USB Serial Cable – Attach to end of JTAG adapter above and enable debug UART switch in the firmware to utilize
  • JTAG (required for firmware upgrades)
  • FLIR Lepton Official Product Link

Wiring Guide

For installation on Raspberry Pi, NanoPi, Beaglebone, Thinker Board, Snapdragon Board, Lemon Pi, LattePanda, Banana Pi, Orange Pi. Just follow the steps below.

Test Code


  • Eclipse IDE and JTAG debugging setup | Link
  • FlIR Lepton PureThermal with Python
  • Android Development Source Code with APP | Link
  • Pure Thermal 1 UVC Capture Examples
  • PureThermal Version 1.2 Schematics / User Manual | PDF
  • FLIR Lepton Interface Design Manual | PDF
  • PureThermal 1 User Manual | PDF
  • PureThermal 1  Schematics | PDF
  • FLIR Lepton Installation Guide for Raspberry Pi Can be Found Here | Link
  • FLIR Lepton Code Library for  for Beaglebone Black | Link
  • FLIR Lepton Code Library for STM Discovery | Link
  • FLIR Lepton Code for STM32 Nucleo  | Link
  • FLIR Lepton Code Library for  for AVR Arduino DUE | Link
  • FLIR Lepton Code Library for Arduino | Link
FLIR Lepton PureThermal I/O Thermal Imaging Module
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