Raspberry Pi Libraries

Download WiringPI

WiringPi is an Arduino wire like library written in C, In Arduino wiring is the core input and output for the Arduino, and wiring is already part of the Arduino IDE software. Installation Guide

Download Broadcom BCM 2835

BCM2835 C library for Raspberry Pi, to access the GPIO and other IO function on Broadcom BCM 2835 Chip, Allowing also to access the GPIO pins on the 26 IDE plug on the Raspberry Board so that you can control and interface with various external devices.
Installation Guide

Download Phyton RPi.GPIO 0.5.11

PhyTOn-RPIThis library is a used for Raspberry Pi GPIO Channels to control the GPIO on a Raspberry Pi, This module is not usable for a real time critical applications, it is because you cannot predict when Python will be busy collecting other data. It is also runs under Linux kernel which is not suitable for real time applications when multitasking OS and another process my be given priority to the CPU. if you want to after a real time performance and predictability go for an Arduino. this current release does not support SPI, I2C, PWM or Serial functionality on the Raspberry Pi.